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Our blog, Design Matters, is a place for our team to share our knowledge, community events, projects, resources, and opinions. It is a place for you to keep up with us and for us to hear from you. Thanks for reading!

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Dairy Queen – Charter Colony under construction

Dairy Queen - Charter Colony under construction

Architecture to create a greater good

At the Young Architect Winter Series virtual conference session yesterday, "Mastering your inner game..." one question posed by Julia Jack was what is your purpose.

I need art in my life, especially now.

2020 was a year like no other, in fact, I believe it was actually a decade long. There was so much weight, heavy emotional draining weight. Did it hit you? How have you found a way to bring joy to life and lighten the load of all that heavy in the world?

A story of job shadowing during a pandemic

As with most things, hosting high school students in my office this past year looked a little different. I was able to have two high school students, from Eastern Mennonite School, join me virtually to explore a career in architecture via weekly virtual meetings.

Cost of living over the last 20 years and surviving 2020

Thinking about cost of construction, changing economy, the coming year, business survival. the cost of living over the last 20 years has risen dramatically while wages have not and the added challenges of surviving 2020 has made it tough for small business owners.

K-12 Post COVID-19 Design Strategies, CVCSI Virtual Education

K-12 Post COVID-19 Design Strategies. Participants will become familiar with multiple strategies that K-12 schools can utilize to mitigate the spread of viruses, such as COVID-19.

Construction continues on this Keezletown custom home

Construction continues on this custom home in Keezeltown, VA, just outside of Harrisonburg. The compact floor plan works to facilitate the life our clients want to live on this beautiful property by minimizing wasted space and connecting to views.

Giving kindness feels good #365actsofkindness #rocktownresilient

Giving kindness feels good for both those receiving kindness and those giving. After a rough year and a lot of negativity thrown my way because I decided to run for political office I started being intentional about giving kindness. The acts were not new, as a Rotarian service above self is a regular activity, but being intentional about it daily is new. I want to live in a community filled with kindness, not hate and divisive actions and language. Please join me in spreading kindness in 2021.

Life of an architect – work anniversary

My first day at work for a small architectural firm, Raymond E. Gaines, Architect, in Charlottesville, Virginia was January 4, 1999. I have now been "in the profession" for 21 years.

Design Matters for a healthy and happy future

Design Matters for a healthy and happy future. Ask for better solutions, celebrate beauty, and demand more quality. Design Matters.

Top blog posts of 2020

Check out the top blog posts of 2020 and give some feedback on what you want to see featured in 2021
Our team continues to build knowledge – Deborah now hold her CDT Certification

Our team continues to build knowledge – Deborah now hold her CDT Certification

Our team values education and we work hard to stay on top of the latest developments in the construction industry. ...