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Dairy Queen – Charter Colony

Charter Colony Dairy Queen may be the most unique DQ in the commonwealth. This family-owned business strives to offer their guests comfort while they are enjoying comfort food. It is a must-visit when you are in Midlothian not only for some excellent soft-serve but also to sit by...
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Young Architect Conference: Winter Series 2022

The latest season of the Young Architect Conference is fast approaching and we could not be more thrilled for the next leg of the series! Previous blogs have gone over the kinds of seminars and workshops present in the summer series but we are strapped in and ready for the new...
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Keezletown Farmhouse

How Natural Light Benefits your Home and Wallet

Nearly every living thing relies on the energy from the sun, and humans are no different, we need sunlight just as much as the succulents on our windowsills. Natural light provides vitamin D – making us calmer, and more productive as a result. By allowing us to feel closer...
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Home Details

Art & Community

Whether we notice it or not, art will always have a seat at the table in every community. Art has been used as not only a form of self-expression but a form of communication that can convey more than words ever could. When speaking about art in the context of community it...
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Kitchen Countertops

Whether you are trying to tackle a kitchen renovation or building your dream house, the selection process can be daunting. Our interior designer, Maggie, has provided a breakdown of the 7 most common kitchen countertop options available to help make that process a little less...
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Kitchen Renovation

Remodeling with an Interior Designer

Remodeling your home can be an overwhelming venture especially when you don’t have a solid vision.
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Reduce your stress and get a new kitchen

When remodeling your kitchen it’s common to arrive at the dilemma of who to trust. The kitchen can be viewed as the “heart” of a home, it’s where most people spend a large portion of time whether cooking or helping their kids with homework. So it makes sense to be...
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Which kitchen countertop is right for you?

There are many options for your kitchen countertop, but all seem to have pros and cons making this a hard decision. So which one should you use in your new kitchen? Which one is right for you? Here are some pros and cons of commonly used kitchen countertops to help you make your...