Hear From Our Clients

Jane Blackburn

“Charles and the team at The Gaines Group just helped us go through a very difficult process getting County (Richmond area) approval. The project is in a historic district and we had many hoops to jump through. Charles was an outstanding advocate for us to help us work WITH the County and keep the process moving forward. This was our second project with The Gaines Group, and we will continue to use their services.”

Mary Kaye Slonaker

“The Gaines Group worked tirelessly to help us design our house. They found answers to all of our questions and helped us realize the value of hiring such an experienced group of professionals. We could have never done this project without them. Their knowledge is incredible and their services are the definition of value added. I would hire them again and again.”

Melissa D. King

“The Gaines Group, PLC is a stellar example of a collaborative architectural firm. They guided us through the planning process in designing a unique zero energy, solar-powered residence. Always willing to listen and consider creative approaches, The Gaines Groups’ support was terrific from start to finish. We are delighted with the outcome and love our new home.”

Robert Connelly, Territory Manager, ACF Environmental

“The Gaines Group’s approach is “cutting edge” with innovative design. I would highly recommend a consultation to learn more about what their firm has to offer.”

Suzi Martinez Carter

“Gaines Group was a huge help to my husband and me when we were stuck trying to understand city building codes and setback issues. Not only was Charles able to explain what it all meant and how we could be in compliance, but he also gave specific, actionable advice and options for how we could move forward with a renovation. He was very professional, available and speedy in all communications. Charles’ experience and knowledge saved us time, money and headaches!”

Jim Delucas, Nielsen Builders

“Charles Hendricks and the team at The Gaines Group in Harrisonburg and Charlottesville are very responsive to our needs. Both their quality of design services and production of documents exceed my expectations. They are client driven and work their hardest to meet our schedules. It is a pleasure to have them on our projects.”

Ethan Zook

“After performing some basic house design on computer software, the staff of Gaines Group worked closely with us to design a zero energy, solar-powered, insulated concrete house. They were highly responsive during the building process by visiting the site and giving us suggestions. We had a great experience with this firm and would highly recommend hiring them to design your new house plan.”

Amanda Friss

“The Gaines Group, PLC has done a tremendous job designing our home. They are knowledgeable, easy to work with, and responsible. I’d highly recommend them to others.”

Benny Mehta

“We had some water exposure concerns on a 7,000 sq. ft. commercial cinder block building. Gaines Group Architects came out to inspect the same and made very effective suggestions on the causes and various remedies to overcome the problems. They were very professional and prompt. All of this was done even without charging any fee for their expertise!!”

Paul Leaman, Eastern Mennonite School

“USCBC’s “best small architectural firm” states it well! In particular, Charles Hendricks goes WAY beyond expectations by ensuring quality processes and products are ready for rolling projects out to the public. He has been a phenomenal partner with Eastern Mennonite School!”

Sam Nickels, Our Community Place

“Charles Hendricks contacted me and asked if I had any suggestions for how they could improve. I had to say NO! Charles and his firm have provided pro-bono and low cost services to our nonprofit (OUR COMMUNITY PLACE) for the development of housing for homeless and low income persons in Harrisonburg. Their expertise and advice has been critical to our work. We really appreciate your work, good communication, and generous involvement of your other staff who have various expertise/specialties. Thanks!”