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Balancing life: being Dad

Balancing life: being Dad I have been accused many times of not sleeping in order to do the amount of work that I accomplish each week. I promise you that while I am involved in many activities, events, and efforts, I do get plenty of sleep. I do worry though that ...

Home Energy Improvements: Financing & Remodeling Tips for Comfort & Savings

Before you get to work on those spring home improvements, join LEAP and local experts to find out how you can cost-effectively address your home’s energy needs at the same time. We’ll share the latest on the Green $ense lending program that LEAP offers in partnership...

Arbol House

This Spanish Colonial design is inspired from the traditions of the American Desert Southwest. Filled with charm and a close attention to detail, this home incorporates aspects of Pueblo, Mission, and Mediterranean Building styles. With a stucco exterior, red terra cotta roofing...

“Design is the first sign of human intention”

One of my favorite quotes in the architectural world, “design is the first sign of human intention” ~ William McDonough, sets the stage for how architecture should be approached.  Architects should focus on delivering design that will save money, save energy, reduce...

The Eleanor

The Eleanor High quality, efficient footprint, with plenty of storage, this home provides all the comforts that you are looking for in a new home. The 900 sf Eleanor is a classic aesthetic that learns from the desire to build a smaller footprint with higher quality materials. The...
Construction Specifications Institute

The Backbone of the Construction Industry

The Backbone of the Construction Industry I was struck the other day at a Central Virginia CSI meeting when our current President, Tracie Skipper, clearly at the end of her rope, needed help. For every task she listed, there was a member ready to step in to give their time,...
spray foam insulation

Mixed Humid Climate – Closed Cell vs Open Cell Foam

Mixed Humid Climate – Closed Cell vs Open Cell Foam I posed a question this week about mixed humid climates – closed cell va open cell foam. In a mixed humid climate, do you use open cell foam exclusively or can you use closed cell in some limited places? In speaking to a...
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attic stair air leak

10 Steps to help you “go green”

10 Steps to help you “go green” There is a tremendous amount of information about going green on the news, television shows, and coming from corporate America. So how do you decide if “green” is right for you? Simple, do you like to save money, want to do less to maintain your...
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LEED – Cost vs Value

LEED – Cost vs Value LEED (Green design) and construction does not cost more, quality costs more. When weighing cost vs value in green design it is important to evaluate quality requirements.   LEED provides some quality standards In a meeting yesterday it was pointed...
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small changes

Making small changes each day will make a huge difference

Making small changes each day will make a huge difference Small Changes will add up to make a big difference for us all. There are many ways to go green daily. Many of these strategies save money and are not expensive to implement. Simple ideas done right such as planting a tree...
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energy audit

Easy ways to Save Money in Harrisonburg, Virginia

Easy ways to Save Money in Harrisonburg, Virginia The five most important things you should do this summer to save money on your energy bill are: weatherstrip around all doors – if you can see light coming around the door, then air is coming into your home. insulate your attic...
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Construction Specifications Institute

Leaders Growing Leaders

Clay Nelson gave a presentation on Leaders Growing Leaders at Construct 2009 CSI Show in Indianapolis. His position is you have to train your employees to do what you do. This give you the ability to stay on the cutting edge and continue to be the visionary. So this concept, of...
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