Kelton Station

Kelton Station is located in a very populated area, making it within walking and biking distance to a lot of shops, restaurants, and even a grocery store.  Since there is so much potential for bicycle uses, we added two enclosed bike houses to store the bikes on-site, unique features like these are what sets the Kelton Station apart from other Earthcraft certified multi-family buildings and head and shoulders above those that are not certified.

When working on multi-family projects our goal is to create unique places for future residents while also delivering an efficient project for our client. In this project, we wanted to focus on outdoor living and community space to create welcoming and comfortable homes.  We designed porches that are oversized and screened them in to provide comfortable spaces to enjoy the fresh air while still being protected from insects.  The clubhouse has a large “front porch” with lots of community seating, and a large enclosed screen porch in the back for gatherings overlooking the pool.  There are large gathering spaces around fire pits, and a large outdoor gathering space with grills called the pavilion all giving residents plenty of places to gather.  We were also able to preserve existing trees on the site keeping a large area of the site undisturbed as green space. 

These homes are comfortably sized without having wasted space. The gathering spaces are roomy and the units each have a laundry room, walk-in closets, and large bedrooms.  
The full cut-off lighting used in the design was strategically selected to reduce light pollution. We also used local materials where possible, and utilized materials with low or no VOCs throughout the project.  The high-efficiency and energy star-rated equipment and appliances, along with WaterSense plumbing fixtures will keep utility bills modest making the units more affordable. 

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