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ICF wall

Is your home resilient?

Most wish lists for a new dream home have some very similar elements: lots of light, an open plan, and a nice kitchen. If I am involved there is also some discussion about efficiency, durability, and comfort. However, I have not heard from many clients that they want a resilient...
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Young Professionals meeting February 2020

Construction Industry virtual meetings – CVCSI

There are two excellent opportunities in the coming week for construction industry members to network and learn in virtual meetings. Check them out below and register to get the zoom link.
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Keezletown Custom Home

High School Students should job shadow

I hosted, virtually, two Eastern Mennonite high school students this past semester in our office as they explored a career in Architecture. I have had the opportunity to mentor students (here is another story and another here and one more here) for a number of years now and I...
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tiny house

Tiny House Architects – Gaines Group Architects gain national honor

Our team at Gaines Group Architects was honored to be named one of the "Best Tiny Home Architects in the US" and the only firm named in Virginia and West Virginia.

Custom home in Keezletown under construction

Custom home in Keezletown under construction
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Dairy Queen – Charter Colony under construction

Dairy Queen - Charter Colony under construction
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Architecture to create a greater good

At the Young Architect Winter Series virtual conference session yesterday, "Mastering your inner game..." one question posed by Julia Jack was what is your purpose.

I need art in my life, especially now.

2020 was a year like no other, in fact, I believe it was actually a decade long. There was so much weight, heavy emotional draining weight. Did it hit you? How have you found a way to bring joy to life and lighten the load of all that heavy in the world?
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A story of job shadowing during a pandemic

As with most things, hosting high school students in my office this past year looked a little different. I was able to have two high school students, from Eastern Mennonite School, join me virtually to explore a career in architecture via weekly virtual meetings.
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