Construction progress highlights this year

Construction progress highlights this year

We have had some pretty awesome projects come up out of the ground this year. While it is super fun to design a home or business, there is nothing better than seeing the design take physical form and the parts become a whole. Check out some construction progress highlights this year in the below projects.

This house on Afton Mountain is the first in a series of homes in the same neighborhood. It features amazing views and traditional details. Click here to see photos. Blue Ridge Mountain Home

An amazing home with amazing views, this modern cottage is incredible. Click here to see photos. Muddy Creek Modern House.

We don’t just do houses, we have a lot of commercial projects on our resume including this addition to the Petro truckstop in Raphine. If you have not stopped to shop, you should. Click here to see photos. Petro 2 Addition and Renovation.

We love supporting Habitat for Humanity in their mission to mentor and empower home ownership. Click here to see photos of the New River Valley Habitat for Humanity project.

Our Ruckersville multifamily project started taking shape this year and the clubhouse is incredible. Click here to see photos of The Knoll.

There is something special about loving a historic home. This one had lost its porch and we were able to design a new “old” one to bring this lady back to life. Click here to see photos of the Historic Minor-Nelson House here.

We do love to save old buildings and Deering Hall is an important one in the history of Broadway Virginia. Click here to see photos of this renovation project.

minor nelson house

Our design for a cabin in the mountains of West Virginia is design for gathering of family and friends. Click here to see photos of this cabin project.

On top of Afton we have a modern home design finishing up and it is looking very cool. Click here to see photos of this modern beauty.

This Winchester community continues to take shape and save trees. Click here to see photos of this project.

A home designed for family and connection to outdoor entertainment space is taking shape on a hilltop in Rockingham County. Click here to see photos.

A cabin retreat that needed a little more space and an updated kitchen over in Luray is just finishing. Click here to see photos.

Needing a little more space we were asked to design a detached barn and workshop in Shenandoah County. Click here for photos.

Detached garage / barn / workshop Addition

Detached garage / barn / workshop Addition

We get to work with some amazing people on some really cool projects. This project in particular has some of my favorite people (clients) of all time. They appreciate what we do and allow us and trust us to design for them. Phase 1 of their project is to design a detached garage / barn / workshop addition. The goal with this addition is to help with the scale and proportion of their existing home as it sits on the beautiful site in Shenandoah County. They learned during the construction of their home, designed by a builder, how important it is to have a holistic approach to a project to compliment the building site and to achieve their aesthetic and functional goals.

The detached garage / barn / workshop addition will house some of the equipment used to maintain the property, give a place to store the messy stuff in a neat and orderly fashion, and expand the space to make stuff in a second story workshop. The structure sits in the corner of the lot not to take away from the existing structure, but to complement it and tie both together aesthetically. We will also do some work on the existing house to improve function and aesthetics in a later phase.

The framing is in process and the builder is taking good care of our clients. Here are some photos of the progress.

#HilltopHouse, this one is amazing

#HilltopHouse, this one is amazing

The #HilltopHouse is coming right along and is truly an amazing space. I was just looking back through my notes from the first design meeting: “modern, steep roof pitch, big columns, lots of windows, and connection to outside is everything.” When a client knows what they want it makes the process fun. We really get to dig into the design and figure out what they mean by particular terms and descriptions of space. We get to find special ways to highlight their goals in the design. We get to bring a touch of style to their dreams.

This #HilltopHouse has a very clear style, lets call it Industrial Loft Modern Farmhouse for now. It sits beautifully in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley capturing long views over the land and out to the mountains. The open feel of the home is amplified by the tall vaulted ceilings and plentiful glass. The details are subtle letting the views to the work of “decoration.” The house is designed for family to gather, to connect to the outside places where they play, and to build memories.

Here are some photos from my last visit to the home site. The home is being construction by Larry Sauder of Sauder Builders, Inc.

exterior view
View from the driveway with driveway installation underway
view of hilltop house from the rear.
View from the rear of the house
View from the rear porch
First floor looking back towards the kitchen and loft
second floor looking back at the loft
Cabin Addition finishing strong

Cabin Addition finishing strong

The Cabin Addition in Luray is finishing strong and looking really good. Integrity Custom Builders took on this challenge to add functional space to a remote cabin retreat. The addition was straight forward but the site is remote adding to the complexity of coordination. This project highlighted the importance of a team approach from design to construction to owner’s being involved through the entire process.

Click the arrows to view some photos of where we started.

kitchen before
bedroom before
We started with a simple request of adding more functional space to make the cabin more comfortable when visiting. The existing kitchen was just big enough for two and the primary bedroom was very cozy. The cabin featured one bath making taking turns a little bit of a challenge in the mornings. So we developed a plan to make a very spacious primary bedroom with a private bath, added a laundry room, needed storage, and really opened up the kitchen space for entertaining.

We love how this project is coming together and look forward to the next phase in the future to update the other rooms we did not touch in this project.

Click the arrows to view some photos of the almost finished project.

kitchen after
laundry after
interior after
shower after

Modern Mountain Home finishing construction

Modern Mountain Home finishing construction

When we kicked off the design for the modern home on Afton Mountain our clients provided aesthetic goals and a clear idea of program. They knew which rooms were needed on each floor and a general direction they wanted to go with overall aesthetics. Every home we design is custom from the design itself to the approach. However, these were the first clients ever to bring a massing model to the schematic design kick off meeting. It was good to discuss early how the house would sit on the lot and how to maximize the views from each room. We had a lot of inspiration from their existing house, spaces they loved and wanted to recreate, and were able to blend in some really cool custom features to tie it all together in this new place.

As the construction of the home finishes up I was able to stop by for a visit and to grab some photos of the progress. Our client is building some of the cabinets and furniture themselves so the project is not complete yet. The views are amazing, the modern mountain home sits just right on the land, and the program is perfect for how they plan to live in this new place. We are very happy to share some of the photos with you for this modern mountain home.


View from the road with detached garage/workshop on the right

View from the road with detached garage/workshop on the right


view back to the kitchen from the living area

View back to the kitchen from the living area.

primary shower

Amazing primary shower.

sunroom modeled after their existing sunroomBeautiful sunroom modeled after their existing sunroom.

stone work in progress in the sunroomStonework in progress.

mountain view through the window of the sewing roomThe view from the sewing room.