Gaines Group Architects

10 years of work for a fresh start in Harrisonburg

It has been 10 years of work, but I am ready for a fresh start in Harrisonburg. I decided to move to Harrisonburg in 2008 so that my girls could attend a school that focused on music, art, play, and service. It was the right place to raise my family and the right school for my...
real men wear pink

Real Men Wear Pink of the Valley campaign has just 8 more days

The Real Men Wear Pink of the Valley campaign has just 8 more days. That is it, just eight more days of wearing PINK and asking for donations. However, this does not mark the end for anyone that is fighting breast cancer. This is a month of raising awareness and money. It is a...
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real men wear pink

Why am I wearing PINK in October? Because Real Men Wear Pink

Why am I wearing PINK in October? Because it brings questions, strange looks, and conversation. Because Real Men Wear Pink. Today marks the start of the Real Men Wear Pink of the Valley campaign. We can change these statistics with awareness and funding. If I wear pink everyday...
Scott Jost

First Friday Art Opening – Scott Jost

Each month on the First Friday we host a new artist art opening in our building’s 2nd floor gallery at the Chesapeake Western Depot at 141 W. Bruce St. (second floor entrance is on Chesapeake). Artwork will remain on exhibit through the month. Come view the show and get a tour...
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mold cleanup

Help, I might have a mold problem in my home.

There are lots of news stories in our area and I am sure more to come as flood waters go back down. We have had a very wet year. There are basements flooding that have never gotten water in them before. This is leading to stories about black stuff growing on walls. I am hearing...
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Eating Pavilion for Friends of Ft. Liberte (Haiti)

I believe it is our purpose in life to help others. Finding ways to do that through your career is not always possible. However, as an architect the opportunities are wide and plentiful. It warmed my heart to hear that Paul Tassell and James Halstead in our Charlottesville office...
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flood water

Storm Preparation for your home and business

It looks like this storm is coming right at us. It is time for storm preparation just in case the forecast is right. The current forecast is calling for 6 -10″+ of rain and strong winds. This could lead to flooding like we have not seen as our ground is already saturated...
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Mincers Charlottesville

Support small business for a healthier community

Remember to like, share, and repost your favorite small business on Facebook today. Many of us small business owners rely on social media as a low-cost way to market our companies. However, social media platforms are constantly changing and creating more limits on who sees posts...
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Viktoriya Samoylov

First Friday Art Opening – Viktoriya Samoylov

First Friday Art Opening  with Viktoriya Samoylov “Significantly Cheaper than Therapy” September 7, 2018 5pm – 8pm Gaines Group Architects 141 W. Bruce St. – Second Floor Harrisonburg, Va Acrylic, Oil, Digital Drawing, and Resin Art. I am Viktoriya, a...
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net zero farm house

Advice For New Students in Architecture This Year: Find Your Passion

Here is my opinions / advice for the new students in architecture this year, find your passion. Find your passion. Then follow.   I figured out I wanted to be an architect in seventh grade. I followed that interest to community college and then to a four-year university and...
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