Modern Mountain Home finishing construction

When we kicked off the design for the modern home on Afton Mountain our clients provided aesthetic goals and a clear idea of program. They knew which rooms were needed on each floor and a general direction they wanted to go with overall aesthetics. Every home we design is custom from the design itself to the approach. However, these were the first clients ever to bring a massing model to the schematic design kick off meeting. It was good to discuss early how the house would sit on the lot and how to maximize the views from each room. We had a lot of inspiration from their existing house, spaces they loved and wanted to recreate, and were able to blend in some really cool custom features to tie it all together in this new place.

As the construction of the home finishes up I was able to stop by for a visit and to grab some photos of the progress. Our client is building some of the cabinets and furniture themselves so the project is not complete yet. The views are amazing, the modern mountain home sits just right on the land, and the program is perfect for how they plan to live in this new place. We are very happy to share some of the photos with you for this modern mountain home.

View from the road with detached garage/workshop on the right
view back to the kitchen from the living area
amazing primary shower
beautiful sunroom modeled after their existing sunroom
stone work in progress
the view from the sewing room

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