#wedesignthattoo Kitchen Edition

We get to design a lot of cool spaces for our clients and kitchen design may be one of my favorites. As a former cook at The Virginian restaurant I learned the value of an efficient kitchen with all the right tools. It is so much easier to make delicious food if you have a kitchen that is easy to cook in that does not tire you out walking too much and has the right amount of counter space to prep and serve. We have designed a lot of different kitchens over the years and I went looking for photos this morning of some of my favorites. Some are renovations and some are all new spaces, but all have a special quality to them.


They all are highly functional spaces as well as aesthetically beautiful.


Some are all new spaces.

They all are special to the home design and to us.

So yes, we design kitchens too, as well as additions, renovation, new construction……

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