Gaines Group Architects
On the Road Collaborative students pose with Gaines Group T-shirts with Charles and Asha.

On the Road Collaborative at the Depot

The Gaines Group has had a long-standing partnership with On The Road Collaborative and we could not be more excited to be a part of it again this year! On the Road Collaborative (OTRC) is an organization that gives middle and high-school students educational and hands-on...
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Holiday Decorating, the Sustainable Way.

It’s that time of year again and many of us are are spending time joyfully decorating our homes. Before running out to big chain retailers for more decorations, consider a few of these tips to deck your halls this year. Don’t get us wrong, we love our store bought...
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Celebrating Universal Music Day

It’s common to catch our team members focused on work while silently humming along to familiar tunes in our ears. Working in a studio environment gives us the ability to easily collaborate and join forces on our design work, but we collectively enjoy the inspiration and...
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National Mascot Day

It’s #NationalMascotDay and our team enjoyed reminiscing about our days proudly representing our schools and favorite teams. A few of us are brainstorming a mascot for the Gaines Group (we are open to suggestions!) Until then, enjoy a few photos of our team members showing...
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Happy Festivus!

In honor of the Seinfeld-inspired holiday Festivus, our team is celebrating by airing our grievances in preparation for a fresh start this new year. Festivus is a playful holiday that turns away from the consumerism of Christmas and instead celebrates letting go of negative...
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