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Park View Mennonite Church Renovation – Part 3

Church Renovation Demolition Process, Part 3 The church renovation project at Park View Mennonite Church has a lot of moving pieces and parts. Once the design process was done and the church congregation unanimously endorsed our design solution, it was time to switch roles again....
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church renovation

Park View Mennonite Church Renovation – Part 2

Church Renovation Design Process, part 2 Part 1 of the church renovation story here. At this point, my volunteer work was becoming more than what I could give for a church renovation. I switched roles a bit and was hired as an architect to build a team of professionals to...
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church renovation

Park View Mennonite Church Renovation – part 1

Church Renovation Park View Mennonite Church is going through a church renovation. This project started several years ago and has developed into a major overhaul of systems in the building. It is complicated, expensive, and needs to be solved quick. Working on a church renovation...
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smiling baby

Little things matter, a lot!

Little things matter, a lot! Have you ever been standing in line where a mom is holding a baby in front of you. When the baby smiled at you did it bring you joy? That little action by that little person could be the thing that changed your entire day. Perhaps you then were more...
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wall water stain

Deferred maintenance can destroy a building, call us to help correct the problems

We have an active renovation project under construction in Harrisonburg. It is a large facility that does not have a full-time maintenance crew working on the building leading to deferred maintenance. This particular building is a church which presents some unique challenges for...
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Caroline Conlon

First Friday Art Opening – Caroline Conlon – Connecting the Dots

August 3, 2018, 5pm – 8pm 141 W. Bruce St. Suite 201, Harrisonburg, VA Facebook Info Each month we host a new artist in our building’s 2nd floor gallery at the Chesapeake Western Depot at 141 W. Bruce St. (second floor entrance is on Chesapeake). Artwork will remain on...
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Kim Scott

Valley Business Keynote 2018 – Are you radically candid?

I make mistakes daily. It is simply part of being human. I desire personal growth as a father, architect, boss, and well as a human. There are many things I could work on each day for sure. However, one of the things I am really good at is giving my opinion and being candid. I...
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market street

What makes a city welcoming, inviting, unique?

My favorite city I have ever visited is Charleston, South Carolina. There are gardens, beautiful architecture, interesting stories (some of them true) about the history of the town, custom ironwork, open air markets, and incredible food. I have visited Charleston many times, but...
Natural Chimney's State Park

Gaines Group SWAG: Send us your selfies!

Want to show off your Gaines Group SWAG? Send us a selfie with your Gaines Group SWAG or our SWAG in a cool location to add to our website. We want to know where our logo has traveled. To see other photos that have been sent in to us, check out “Oh, the Places We Go!”...
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rotten wood wall

Little Things to Make Your Home Better

Sometimes the little things in our homes aren’t designed at all. I have the opportunity on occasion to share my experiences with students from all levels – Kindergarten to Graduate Students. Recently, I was invited to the Department of Energy to talk building science...
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