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Congratulations to Judith Trumbo, Business Person of the Year, Welhelmina Johnson, Diversity Leadership award, the Thompsons for the Family Farm Steward award, and Rocktown Kitchen for Entrepreneur of the year at this year’s Harrisonburg Rockingham Chamber of Commerce annual meeting. You are all doing incredible things in our community, thank you so much for your service and dedication.

Chamber awards

At this year’s banquet I was given the Community Champion award by the Harrisonburg Rockingham Chamber of Commerce. It is humbling to get recognized for something that others are doing more and better than you. There are so many in my life that give their time to good and deserving causes, organizations, and movements and do it more and better than I am able. There are many that I know that have made their life mission service to others. There are many that give so much more than I am capable or willing to give, each of them volunteering for a better community.

chamber awards

I am fortunate to work for and now own a business that for the past 31 years (20 of which I have been part of the organization) has made serving others a primary focus. In fact, everyone in the business has a cause they are passionate about from church to civic organization to animal rights to law enforcement to education to soccer to women’s rights. I am surrounded by people who get life through giving to others in time, money, and talent. So to get recognized for the little I do is greatly appreciated. Just to be nominated by one of the hardest working business leaders in our community is an honor in itself. I so appreciate the circle of support I have in this industry and community.

Red Wing Roots Academy real men wear pink MASSANUTTEN TECHINCAL CENTER Rockingham County Rotary Clubsoap box derby on the road collaborative parkview arts council

Volunteering for a better community, in my opinion, is the only way we are going to achieve just that. We cannot wait on regulations, laws, or politicians to make it happen. We each need to reach out to a brother or sister and help them up that next step. It can be as simple as a smile to warm a dreary day or it can be joining an organization like Rotary to magnify your efforts around the world. You could join an organization like Shenandoah Valley Partnership with the idea that a rising tide raises all boats and work to build an even stronger economic future for the valley. Maybe your passion is for Harrisonburg’s downtown, you can join, volunteer, and support the efforts of HDR as they support the healthy growth of our downtown community. Want to make a lasting impact – offer to provide job shadow opportunities for a student at Harrisonburg High School – just contact Bethany and she will set you up. Want to share your passion with a larger group of students, check out the amazing work being done by On the Road Collaborative. If you think technical education is important, find ways to support Massanutten Technical Center through sharing time, donation, or talents. Like to bowl, consider helping Big Brothers Big Sisters of Harrisonburg-Rockingham County by bowling for kid’s sake. If you want to support local music, Red Wing Academy is one of the best I have ever experienced for instrumental knowledge and the Shenandoah Children’s Choir for vocal musical talents. There are so many opportunities to help, we have started putting links to organizations we love here to make it easier for you to find them. It does not take a lot of effort to make a huge difference, from wearing pink to swinging a hammer, there are lots of opportunities to do good in this community.

Thanks to all that do so much to build a better community, especially to those that offer kind words and gestures of support like taking time to write a nomination or just reaching out on a gloomy day!



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