Top blog posts for 2021

Time for another year-end recap, here are the top blog posts for 2021 on the Gaines Group Architects page. This list is misleading as I pick the blogs with the most clicks over the year, so of course, older blogs have more time to get those clicks. This was also the first year I let someone else write blog posts on a regular basis, which changed the point of view of this blog from being my voice to being the firm’s voice. So the list is the list, let me know which are your favorite as I am once again writing the blogs and will want to make sure I am writing content you care to read.

charles hendricks

The first on the list is an older post but tells a bit about my story of finding my way and following my heart.

10. My path to following my heart and building a better community

9. YASS 2021 “Architecture” as a community and skill

WINNER WINNER – it is always fun to get recognized for your design work, this one was a surprise!

8. Tiny house architects – Gaines Group Architects gain national honor

Keezletown Custom Home

7. Construction continues on this Keezletown custom home

I have a series of top 10 list of things I need to do to my own home and I use for blogs – reminds me of all the work I have yet to do.

6. Top 10 things to do this spring for your home and health

5. Falling lumber prices are a start, but how do we fix the housing market?

Depot Harrisonburg

Glad this one still gets clicks and man do I love this building!

4. A love story, Architect, Depot

3. Time to renovate your home?

2. Why you should job shadow while still in high a school #futurearchitect

And the TOP BLOG post for the last 12 months, drumroll, please……

young architect
  1. Architecture to create a greater good – Can architecture create a greater good? Have you found your purpose? Do you put service above self?

Bonus blog

This is a blog I created as a resource for potential clients trying to decide how to move forward with a custom home. I hope to do more with this list of blogs to create a guide, just need the time to do so. It is one of the most clicked-on blogs I have created.

Thinking of building a custom home? Start here first!

I will do a better summary of the year in a blog post soon, but this photo of stickers on my desk is a good visual representation of this past year for now.

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