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Top 10 Things to Do This Fall for Your Home and Health

Top 10 Things to Do This Fall for Your Home and Health
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Check Your Home For Better Comfort To Start The New Year Off Right

Many people make resolutions for the new year. These often fall by the side of the road as you carry on in a busy life. Here are some things to check your home for that will provide payback through reduced energy bills and increased comfort all year-long. Remember to insulate...
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From Spiders to Caulk, How to Save Money at Home

I know I am an energy nerd. I talk about everything from spiders to caulk as it relates to how to save money at home. With anyone willing to listen. This is the topic I find interesting. This is a topic that I think everyone should find interesting – because you can SAVE...
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Building a Custom Energy-Efficient Home: Where Do You start?

If you are thinking about building a custom energy-efficient home, where do you start? Many will first go to the internet (thanks for reading my blog) to get their information. This is a great place to gather lots of opinions, but be sure you are looking at opinions based on your...
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Christmas Shopping From an Architect: Energy Efficient and Cost Effective

Time to finish up your Christmas Shopping! Well it is December 23rd, so probably time for you guys to finish your Christmas shopping. Ok, who are we fooling, it is time for some of you guys to start your Christmas shopping. I know it is hard to figure out what she is dreaming of,...
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What Energy-Efficient Product Will Make Your Home Air Tight?

Air tight is the most critical element of green building design. The easiest way to be air tight in an existing home is using caulk at every gap and crack between building materials. The top and bottom plate of a wall, electrical outlets, doors and windows, all penetrations need...

Top 10 Tips for Renters to Reduce Their Energy Bills

Lighting is an easy place to start and you can take the bulbs with you when you move. Replace the most used bulbs with LED lights that use 75% less energy than standard incandescent bulbs. You should also turn off the lights when you don’t need them to further your savings....

Happy Earth Day – Time to Celebrate!

Happy Earth Day - it is time to celebrate! On this anniversary of Earth Day the movement has become a global phenomenon.

Should my new house “breathe?”

Ask any seasoned carpenter (that does not understand building science) and they are likely to tell you “don’t build too tight, you want your house to breathe.” This is a tried and true “because that is the way we always do it idea.”   Early in...

Does My Attic Have Enough Insulation?

This time of year we always add a blanket to our bed to stay warm at night. It is cold! In order to have a more comfortable home and improve your energy-efficiency, you should add a blanket to your home as well. The code minimum insulation allowed in new construction is R-38. As...