From Spiders to Caulk, How to Save Money at Home

I know I am an energy nerd. I talk about everything from spiders to caulk as it relates to how to save money at home. With anyone willing to listen. This is the topic I find interesting. This is a topic that I think everyone should find interesting – because you can SAVE MONEY by knowing the solutions around your home. You should know how to cut your energy usage because energy prices are predicted to go up again this winter. These are simple tips that you should know.  

save money

Attic insulation

For instance, finding spiders in your home is an indication of an air leak in your home. Plugging this leak will reduce your energy bills. I wrote about it here:

Spiders are a good indication of energy-efficiency

There are simple answer to fix the air leaks. Once you find them, plug them with caulk. I wrote about it here:

Air sealing is the first step to energy-efficiency, Caulk is the answer

save money

Electrical outlet

and here:

What is the most critical energy-efficiency product for your home?

There are also energy-saving appliances like water heaters:

What is the best water heater for efficiency?

save money

Water heater

Even renters can cut energy bills without changing the apartment in ways that impact their security deposit. I wrote about it here:

Top 10 tips for renters to reduce their energy bills


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