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Lexington Custom Home

These homes prove that energy-efficient homes can be built for every budget

I hear all the time that green costs more. However, with good design, these homes being built-in Lexington will show that green design can be done for any budget. A high-performance home is achieved through an understanding of building systems/building science not increased...
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Shopping Center Design

Strip Mall Shopping Centers need Design to Survive

Strip mall shopping centers need design to survive. A great shopping experience begins with a developer, a parcel of land, and an idea.  Modern “car-friendly” strip malls became popular in the early 1920s in the United States. The primary focus was a large parking lot...
Easy Living Tax Credit

Easy Living Home

What is an Easy Living Home? Yes, another certification, this one is intended to encourage builders and home owners of single-family homes, duplexes and triplexes to include Easy Living Home features in the design and construction of new homes. Easy Living Home design features...
spray foam insulation

Mixed Humid Climate – Closed Cell vs Open Cell Foam

Mixed Humid Climate – Closed Cell vs Open Cell Foam I posed a question this week about mixed humid climates – closed cell vs open cell foam. In a mixed humid climate, do you use open cell foam exclusively or can you use closed cell in some limited places? In speaking to a...
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attic stair air leak

10 Steps to Help You “Go Green”

There is a tremendous amount of information about going green on the news, television shows, and coming from corporate America. So how do you decide if “green” is right for you? Simple, do you like to save money, want to do less to maintain your home, want to use fewer resources...
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ICF wall

LEED – Cost vs Value

LEED – Cost vs Value LEED (Green design) and construction does not cost more, quality costs more. When weighing cost vs value in green design it is important to evaluate quality requirements. LEED provides some quality standards In a meeting yesterday it was pointed out...
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energy efficient light

Making small changes each day will make a huge difference

Making small changes each day will make a huge difference Small Changes will add up to make a big difference for us all. Making small changes each day will make a huge difference for yourself and your community. There are many ways to go green daily. Many of these strategies save...
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energy audit

Easy ways to Save Money

Easy ways to Save Money There are many challenges that prevent you from saving money each month. There seem to be bills due everyday and if you are like me, the paychecks don’t flow as fast. A house is one of the most complicated machines you will ever own and it comes with...
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Construction Specifications Institute

Leaders Growing Leaders

Clay Nelson gave a presentation on Leaders Growing Leaders at Construct 2009 CSI Show in Indianapolis. His position is you have to train your employees to do what you do. This give you the ability to stay on the cutting edge and continue to be the visionary. So this concept, of...
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