Hendricks to run for Harrisonburg City Council

I love that Harrisonburg is a diverse and welcoming city for all. I love living, raising my daughters, and running a business here. I am running for Harrisonburg City Council because I believe my skills and knowledge can help guide and direct this city into a more sustainable future. This can be done by addressing environmental concerns, affordable housing, the houseless population, and preservation of our existing historic buildings.  I believe we also need to pay close attention to and empower our locally-owned businesses and workforce. We need to be innovative in our planning for the future and challenge the “because that is the way we always do it” safe option that we trick ourselves into taking. With the right vision and determination Harrisonburg can be a model city for sustainability, business, and community.

Harrisonburg City Council

To learn more about my campaign check out my website www.hendricksforharrisonburg.com

Make a donation to our campaign here https://secure.actblue.com/donate/h4h

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