Energy-efficiency home hacks

Energy-efficiency home hacks

Here are some energy-efficiency blog posts I have written over the years. I hope these will help you narrow down those vampire loads, cold room mysteries, high energy bill conundrums, and generally help you save money, live more comfortably, and improve your indoor environmental quality.

Ready for winter? Check your attic.

Tips and hints at what to look for above your living space that could be impacting your wallet and your comfort.

attic nest

Top 10 things to do this fall for your home and health

I hope you already crossed some of these off the list, but if not, get them done now.

Crossroads Farm Insulation

Simple energy fix for your home that you can do

Air leaks are a major source of discomfort and wasted money, seal these holes and improve on both.

energy audit light switch

Make your home comfortable this winter

Learn what I did at my house when we moved in to improve performance and comfort. I am saving between $25 – $35 per month in energy bills.

Check out your dryer vent to help save electricity

It can save electricity, improve performance of your dryer, and hopefully prevent a fire – check out this post to learn more.

Quality matters for insulation installation and maintenance

Ever put a second blanket on your bed in the winter, think about how the same concept works on your home energy bills.

Ice on the roof shows clear signs of energy loss vs energy-efficiency

Check out the roofs in your neighborhood on those snow days to figure out how you are doing compared to the neighbors in comfort.

broadway snow

Cold weather problems in your home

Find the problem areas and fix them to save money now.

Is your home comfortable? Energy audit follow up.

Where are the issues that need correction in your home?

Look for air leaks if your house is cold

Air leaks exist in every house, sealing them can improve indoor environmental quality and lower energy bills.

Deferred maintenance can destroy a building, call us to help correct the problems

The older we get the more problems we have, in our buildings – I am fine, not sure what you were thinking about.

Little things to make your home better

Thinking of making some upgrades to your home, remember these items.

Recessed lighting could waste energy and comfort

Recessed lighting is usually installed wrong when it comes to energy usage.

Simple changes around your house will save you money

Caulk is the answer, find out the question here.

Is your crawl space working properly?

A crawl space should not be forgotten space, it is critical to a home’s performance.

crawl space

How much insulation should you have in your attic?

Getting the insulation right in your home could be the key.

Heating and cooling supply vents are almost never installed right

Learning what should happen is key to figuring out what needs to be fixed.

What is the best water heater for efficiency?

I was surprised by the result.

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