Things to do this Spring around your home: Step 1 assessment

Spring is a great time to do an assessment of your home. This will provide you with a priority list of things to get done before next winter to help create the most healthy, energy-efficient, and durable home possible.

1. Water Management

  • Check your roofing for damage – repair or replace as needed
  • Check your gutter for proper slope and drainage
  • verify your rain tanks or splash blocks are still in place and functional
  • Check that your windows are in good shape
  • Verify that the ground is sloped away from the foundation of your home
  • Look for evidence of roof leaks inside your home and attic
  • Look for evidence of water on basement walls
  • Check all plumbing fixtures for leaks and drips

2. Landscaping

  • Prune any dead branches on trees and bushes
  • Plan your garden – add fertilizer and straw to keep out weeds and to grow strong plants
  • sharpen your blades on your mower

3. Durability

  • Document any new (or old unattended) cracks in your walls
  • Document pealing paint that needs your attention
  • Check to make sure the shutters are in good shape and fastened tightly to you home

4. Energy Efficiency

5. Indoor Air Quality

It is not a full list, but simply a list of things that I hope will help you before the hot weather gets here or the cold weather returns.

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