Quality Design Could Save Your Life -Ductwork & Insulation

Quality Ductwork for your heating and cooling system is a key factor when it comes to having healthy air in your home. There are many different things one can do to ensure the air you are breathing is healthy, sealed ductwork is the most important. It not only protects your home from pollen, dander, and fungi that come with unfiltered air, it can often leave your home feeling stuffy. Sealed ductwork in a properly designed HVAC system works by pushing clean filtered air throughout your home helping to keep your home safe and healthy for occupants.

Insulation that is air-tight also works to protect the air you breathe. You have probably heard you don’t want to build a house “too tight.” Well, that is correct in that you want to make sure all the gaps and cracks leading to moisture issues and bad air quality are sealed and your HVAC system is bringing in the appropriate amount of clean filtered air.

Ductwork and insulation function as not only a filter from the outside air, but helps secure the building envelope by keeping the air clean and the home warm during the cold winter months. According to Energy.gov, these two crucial elements can also save you money on your energy bills. The upkeep of these features is just as important as having them in your home. Insulation wants to stay dry and free of insects and critters. Your duct system wants to be sealed and free from furniture or other obstructions that could stop the flow of filtered air into the home.

As the pandemic progresses the need for healthy, filtered air is becoming more and more clear to homeowners. This is why it is so important for your home to be built with building science at the forefront of design.

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