Hillcrest House

The Hillcrest project took shape through the pandemic with a lot of changes happening in our industry and how we communicate. These new stressors that were added to this process tested our systems, and I believe made the Hillcrest House and our design systems even stronger. The first key ingredient to making this an amazing project is the phenomenal clients willing to give grace, and take time to get the house design just right in the midst of a global pandemic. The second was working with a contractor, Herr and Company, that was willing to be flexible with the design process to help us hit the target for aesthetic and budget goals.

As the project takes shape, we are thrilled that our clients will enjoy a home designed around their specific goals for life here in Harrisonburg. The aging-in-place and energy-efficient features incorporated in the home’s design will provide comfort and flexibility for years to come. While the grade of the site proved to be a challenge we adapted and created solutions to overcome while staying true to the client’s vision for their dream home.

With every project, there are challenges along the way, working with an experienced architect and contractor who understand building science can help reduce stress and improve the final results.

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