Gaines Group Architects

DQ Harrisonburg

Project Location: Harrisonburg, Virginia

Contractor: Harman Construction


Dairy Queen Harmony Square is a 3,200 sf one-story restaurant located in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Dairy Queen international provides a standard base design for operators to use for their franchise drawings that need to be adapted to local conditions. The owners of Dairy Queen Harmony Square added a requirement of making their facility as energy-efficient as possible. We worked through the design process to adapt the original documents to fit our local climate and the client’s budget. We also worked hard to find the right environmentally sensitive design solutions that could be incorporated into the structure.  Some of the strategies we incorporated include a 5 kW solar photovoltaic array on the roof and LED lighting to reduce annual energy usage. We also added solatubes for natural light working to not only reduce energy usage but to increase the interior comfort level bringing in more natural light to the space. The high-efficiency HVAC system and on-demand water heaters further reduced energy consumption while low-flow water fixtures reduced overall water consumption. All of these environmentally sensitive design strategies are selected to reduce the impact of this building on the environment while saving the building owners money.

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