Little things matter, a lot!

Little things matter, a lot!

Have you ever been standing in line where a mom is holding a baby in front of you. When the baby smiled at you did it bring you joy? That little action by that little person could be the thing that changed your entire day. Perhaps you then were more likely to pass a smile on to the cashier as your items were processed and he / she then passed on a smile to the person behind you in line. That little smile could create a ripple effect of happiness. What if the action taken was rude or mean? What if someone stepped in front of you in line and that put you in a foul mood? Would you have passed that on as well? Little things matter, a lot!

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Little things matter, a lot, when trying to make a difference.

I have been thinking a lot about the little things in life these past months. How can we make our community and world a better place with so much negativity sitting on top everyday? There is so much evil and so many dishonest selfish people around it is sometimes hard to see good. It is a heavy burden to have to deal with these people and even see them lead our national conversation. It can seem overwhelming. I often feel overwhelmed. So what can I do about it? Where can I make a difference?


Little things matter, a lot, design matters, a lot.

I work hard to be the best father I can be first. I try to be a supportive friend to those around me – even those I don’t agree with all the time. I am terrible at remembering to smile, but that is something simple I can do each day. As an architect I try to remember all the little things in our designs. Those little actions that can help reduce resource consumption and energy usage. Those little design things that save our clients money. Those things that will make their lives easier when using the spaces we designed. I focus on bringing beauty to our clients through built forms. Have you ever counted the number of steps you take when cooking? Architects have a formula for what works best. Have you ever felt out-of-breath after walking up a steep flight of stairs – I mean in a building other than our office? There is a formula for a comfortable stair that many homes do not meet. There are standards for room sizes, window heights, door widths, and space between cabinets in kitchens that all impact comfort and costs. As architects and interior designers we have spent years learning how to create spaces that are comfortable, efficient, and healthy. Design is one of the little things that matter, a lot. Design is one place where I can help bring a ripple effect in our community.

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