7 Summer Energy Saving Tips

off-white curtain fabric
The sun is shining down this summer and the weather is heating up out there. I’m suddenly more aware of my AC system… and the large amount of money it might be taking out of my wallet. These 7 tips can help you stay comfortable in the hotter temperatures and save money on your electric bill.

7 Tips to save energy and money:

  1. Adjust your thermostat up a few degrees. This is one we hear a lot. The Department of Energy recommends that you keep the temperature at 78 degrees while people are indoors. It may not be realistic to keep your thermostat set this high for everyone, but try raising the temperature by just a few degrees and see what it feels like. When the temperature inside is close to the outdoor temperature, the less your HVAC system needs to run, saving you money.
  2. Use those curtains! The sun beating through those gorgeous wide windows of yours can create significant heat in your house. On especially sunny days, draw the curtains and pull down the blinds to block the heat.
  3. Let your shrubbery grow. The shade from outside landscaping (or inside, pictured left) can block the sun from sunny windows. Plants who prefer full sun do well on the South-facing side of your house, the side that gets the most sun and heat. Their flourishing growth will block your windows from the hottest direction. Your plants will love you and you will feel more cool!
  4. Replace your HVAC filters. It can take about 2 minutes. Simple as that.
  5. Use a clothesline instead of a dryer.
  6. Take shorter, colder showers to save on the water and electric bill. Better yet, install a low-flow shower head.
  7. Use a ceiling fan instead of turning on the air conditioner. The air moving around the room improves comfort without using a lot of energy.
close up of lemon tree in front of window. small green lemons are forming.

Meyer lemon tree from Edible Landscaping grown indoors.

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