At Home Energy: Solar

As the desire to utilize green energy grows, the tools to harness it expand as well. As the options continue to expand the price for green energy continues to drop. Anyone who has had the tiniest interest in solar panels knows just how good of an investment they can be for your home or business, but there is a high economic bar to get started. This series strives to shine some light (pun intended) on different ways solar energy can be used to save you money and save our planet.

  • A simple life-change you can do to utilize the energy from the sun is using a clothesline. This not only saves you the energy from using your dryer but is also gentler on your clothes and even removes stubborn odors embedded in the fabric. According to Efficiency, the sun even whitens your whites, acting as a natural bleach by sanitizinbg your clothes.
  • Another way to utilize the suns energy is through growing your own food! This is definitely a solution for those with patience and maybe a green thumb. Purchasing fruits and vegatables from a grocery store has a hidden environmental cost that we don’t always consider. Long distance transportation of produce contributes heavily to fossil fuel emissions, you also receive the benefit of knowing what you are spraying on your plants. You don’t even need a yard to accomplish this, just a few pots of soil, some seeds, and of course sunlight!
  • In extreme situations the suns light can also be used to purify water. When water is in a clear container and exposed to sunlight the UV radiation will eliminate any parasites, or bacteria! According to the Koshland Science Museum the water will need to sit for up to six hours in direct sunlight, and two days if particularly cloudy. While we might not use this hack everyday, it can save lives when clean water is not accesible.

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