Celebrate joy, hope, and love

As an architect, I am trained to think about problems–the things that are not working–and develop solutions to fix them. Design matters, and through design, we can build a better future. This requires trust, hope, faith, and experience. You must learn from your past experiences, and I think you must be very skilled at using empathy. However, empathy is a two-edged sword. As you improve your design skills by increasing your ability to feel what others are feeling, you also open yourself up to feeling deeply the tragic evils that happen in our world. 

At times it feels like the evils of the world are overwhelming, and this week was one of those times. When evil strikes your community, impacts your friends, hurts good people, and changes forever a peaceful place, it is hard to take. I am not just talking about the evil that makes national news; I am talking about the little comments you make about others that hurt. I am talking about people who are willing to take advantage of someone who has given them a second chance. I am talking about dishonest, unethical, and evil behaviors that all compound how hard life can be on a daily basis. The little things build into big hurts.

It was a hard week here in the valley for so many people.

Fortunately, these evils are not the majority in our world; they just get amplified as they compound. There is more good in our community than there is bad. There are more honest people who do want to see others succeed than there are people willing to take advantage of others. There are empathetic, compassionate, good people in this community. We need to celebrate them, celebrate joy, hope, and love a little louder and not let the evil get the amplification.

We need to celebrate joy, hope, and love; and what better time to do it than today, tomorrow, and this coming week? I am going to do my best to be optimistic about our future and to focus on the good, please join me.

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