Duke Gardens – Harrisonburg Apartment Renvoation



Duke Gardens (which I introduced in this post) is almost done and the details are coming together just as planned. In a competitive market all building owners look for advantages they can gain over the competition to get tenants in both residential and commercial. In our new multi-family projects we are able to design a timeless aesthetic that will serve for years in attracting tenants. For instance, Stone Creek Village, remains one of the most desired rental communities in Albemarle County. I personally lived there in the first building that opened years ago. Now almost 15 years later, it still looks fresh and has all the amenities expected of a high end rental community. However, if a building is left without any updates for more than 30 years, you might end up with a building that aesthetically cannot compete with other properties.

A simple facelift can bring the property back to life. Here is our attempt to do just that – let us know what you think about our design and Valley Renovators Execution of the plan.

IMG_8663 IMG_8653 IMG_8664 IMG_8665 IMG_8670 IMG_8666 IMG_8668 IMG_8667

IMG_8174 IMG_8175

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