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It is always interesting working in older buildings

It is always interesting working in older buildings

It is always interesting working in older buildings. Older buildings always have unique discoveries and untold stories that create the solutions that exist today. From handrails to mailboxes from days of old, these buildings have more character than we find in most new construction. They also have hidden surprises that can delay construction or add to the cost of construction.

harrisonburg architecture downtown harrisonburg architecture downtown

An acoustic ceiling and open rail stair tells stories of transformation over time. The old was actually preserved behind a new covering protecting it from damage.

harrisonburg architecture downtown\

The signs in this building tells more about what happened than any of the architectural details. There must have been many exciting events over the years in these hallways. Fortunately the building survived all the parties, late nights, loud neighbors, and even a fire to come back to life again.

harrisonburg architecture downtown harrisonburg architecture downtown harrisonburg architecture downtown

The damage was severe and we found even more surprises during construction. It was a true challenge to save this downtown gem and bring it back to life. The new apartments are full of light and life. This kind of downtown transformation is changing our city one brick at a time for the better.

Here is a look at the finished project.

Duke Gardens – Harrisonburg Apartment Renvoation



Duke Gardens (which I introduced in this post) is almost done and the details are coming together just as planned. In a competitive market all building owners look for advantages they can gain over the competition to get tenants in both residential and commercial. In our new multi-family projects we are able to design a timeless aesthetic that will serve for years in attracting tenants. For instance, Stone Creek Village, remains one of the most desired rental communities in Albemarle County. I personally lived there in the first building that opened years ago. Now almost 15 years later, it still looks fresh and has all the amenities expected of a high end rental community. However, if a building is left without any updates for more than 30 years, you might end up with a building that aesthetically cannot compete with other properties.

A simple facelift can bring the property back to life. Here is our attempt to do just that – let us know what you think about our design and Valley Renovators Execution of the plan.

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