30 things you can do to make your commercial building Earth Friendly

30 things you can do to make your commercial building Earth Friendly

How do you start? How do you create a commercial building that is sustainable? Here are 30 things you can do to make your commercial building Earth Friendly. Click the links and learn more.
  1. Upgrade the fiberglass insulation to foam
  2. If you cannot afford better insulation – make the building air tight as a minimum
  3. Install a solar thermal system to produce hot water
  4. Add more insulation in the atticharrisonburg energy audit
  5. integrate pre-heated warm air into the HVAC system
  6. Add natural light where you canChesapeake Western Depot Harrisonburg
  7. Use the floor as mass storage by installing dark tile or leaving concrete exposed and adjust overhangs to allow sunlight in the winter and shading in the summer
  8. install a better water heater
  9. install a light-colored roof
  10. look at USDA grants, “solar barn raising”, or federal tax credit options for adding solar PVsolar photo-voltaic dairy queen
  11. Move the HVAC systems in the attic inside of conditioned spaces instead of outside the thermal envelope
  12. install better windows
  13. install operable windows so you can breathe fresh air
  14. insulate under entire slab
  15. select energy star appliances
  16. install motion sensors on lights in restrooms and sleeping rooms
  17. install motion sensor on bath fans with a timer
  18. select products that are no voc
  19. install a rainscreen behind siding to prevent moisture in walls
  20. Keep plants away from exterior walls and HVAC equipment
  21. collect rainwater in a cistern20150630_142909
  22. Advocate for measuring the Energy Use Intensity to know how efficient the building will be
  23. Check the comprehensive plan for your community to see if they say anything like “we will have an environmental performance standard”
  24. make it easy for someone to bike to work by installing bike racks
  25. understand carbon
  26. reduce stormwater runoff
  27. install a vegetated roof20150630_142856-01
  28. install water conserving fixtures
  29. require a duct leakage test on the ductwork after installation
  30. set up a recycling center in the facility so product does not go to the landfill – if it is not easy people will not do it

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