Welcome to our team Annie Frazier

Welcome to our team Annie Frazier

It’s a new year and the Gaines Group is welcoming a new face to the team. Annie Frazier is the most recent addition to the Harrisonburg team and she is eager to begin her journey. Although she doesn’t have design-related credential initials behind her name (yet), she is approaching her role at Gaines Group with enthusiasm and a readiness to serve.

Annie joined the Gaines Group PLC at the beginning of 2022 and started a new chapter in her career path. She is a native of Richmond, Virginia but has considered Harrisonburg to be her home since she graduated from JMU in 2012. She currently resides in the “friendly city” with her husband and two young daughters.

Annie’s decision to pursue a career in architectural design stems from her deep appreciation and recognition of the impact intentional design has on those who inhabit a space. Prior to working at the Gaines Group, she held multiple leadership positions in a residential long-term care community. It was during this time she played a pivotal role in transitioning the community from an institutional environment into newly designed, home-like “households”. Through thoughtful design and a shift in culture, these environments fostered independence, a stronger sense of identity, and engaging community life. This experience greatly impacted Annie and served as a catalyst for her to follow a career path in the design industry.

When searching for opportunities in the field, Annie instantly connected with the Gaines Group’s mission to make a difference in the community through design. She is eager to work alongside the team and learn all aspects of the construction and design industry. She will be supporting the Harrisonburg team with operations in the office and aspires to contribute to future designs as she grows her skillset and completes design-related coursework. 

Outside of work, Annie enjoys living an active lifestyle and is often playing in the mountains either on her skis, trail running, or toting one of her daughters in a hiking backpack.