Looking For the Best Builders? See What They’re Doing On Their Job Site!

BuildersSometimes you show up on a job site and the builders have done a little more than you asked of them. This is a sign that they care about their work. Sometimes it is a job site with all the trash picked up, including extra nails, scraps of wood, and pieces of house wrap. This sets a certain standard for those coming to the site the next day to work. It also allows the homeowners / developers to visit the site and not have to worry about stepping on something. It shows that the builders care as much about their project as they do their own home. It could also be something that the homeowner would never notice like insulated headers above the doors and windows. This will reduce energy usage in the home for years to come.

Having a builder that does the little extras is crucial to creating the best possible end result. I certainly take note of the builders that deliver the extras through the construction process when deciding who to suggest to a client on the next project. Read our blog post on how to know if you’re choosing the best contractor.

What have you seen done on a job site that set a builder apart from the others?