You know you are an architect if _____________________

It takes a unique personality to be an architect. Many people tell me that they were going to be an architect, but…. So what does it take to be an architect? Here is a list of thoughts, please add your own.

You know you are an architect if ______________________.

  • Everyone thinks you make a lot of money
  • All your classmates from school who were not architecture majors make twice your salary
  • You truly believe that you have never actually finished a set of working drawings
  • You wear a sports coat with jeans
  • and they are both black
  • you built a new house for yourself and started remodeling before you moved in
  • you devote countless hours to a successful project where the reward is lack of punishment
  • you offer design solutions to homeowners at every dinner party, even when you are not asked
  • If you are out for dinner with your family and instead of talking you wonder why the wood stains don’t match
  • you wear black most days
  •  You are more excited to start the next project than you are to finish the current project
  • You own a T Square and drawing board
  • You watched the Brady’s to figure out the floorplans
  • Your 6-year-old can name the parts of a wall section
What would you add to the list?