Construction Documents Technology Exam for Architects

Take the Construction Documents Technology (CDT) exam to better serve your clients.

I have written about the importance of the Construction Documents Technology exam many times in the past. I cannot stress enough the importance of knowing how a project should happen if the project goes perfect. I say this because I have never had a perfect project, something always happens, but knowing how to get it back to where it should be is critical for success (happy clients). The Construction Documents Technology  (CDT) exam study process teaches you how the construction process should happen and helps you avoid problems.

Meg Carpenter

When asked why she wanted to sit for the Construction Documents Technology (CDT) exam, Meg Carpenter in our Charlottesville office said “I want to become a Construction Document Technologist (CDT) because it will not only strengthen my knowledge and abilities as a career professional in my own field, but it will also help strengthen my relationship amongst all other parties involved in the project delivery process. I will be a more efficient architect for my clients and a clearer communicative partner for contractors and engineers, which will result in smoother project delivery and better professional relationships. I believe that becoming a CDT certificate holder will not only benefit me personally, but positively impact my field, related parties and all future facilities. “

In the construction industry it is easy to put your head down and try to avoid problems by showing up on time, doing what is expected, and performing to the best of your ability. The problem is, as I have heard it so many times – “CONSTRUCTION HAPPENS!” What do you do when just doing what you ‘thought’ was expected is not what was actually expected? What do you do when your interpretation of the documents is not the owner’s interpretation? How do you show potential clients that you understand how the process works and that you are a leader in the industry that deserves the opportunity? One good way is earning a CDT Certificate through the Construction Specifications Institute.

I am a “Construction Document Technologist.” This is the first step in the CSI certification ladder. In the competitive economy that we face, I find that you have to prove yourself time and again that you understand the construction process. CSI’s professional qualifications do just that for you. CDT is the “foundation you need to gain the competitive advantage” you need in today’s economy.

I encourage you to take the step and register for the CDT exam today. I can tell you it has benefited my career growth, allowed me to solve problems before they became big problems, and has saved my clients money repeatedly.

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