Help my small business survive

I need your help. If I have designed a project or answered questions for you – custom home, renovation, addition, business, school, church, energy-audit, phone consultation – would you please write an online review for me? Help my small business survive by taking a couple of minutes to let others know how we helped you.




As a small business owner, things are scary right now. We are surviving, in fact, we are busy, for now, and I hope this will continue. I am seeing a large influx of inquiries coming from out of town potential clients. They are reading the online reviews, checking out our website, and then deciding if they should call or not. The more positive online reviews I have on Google, Facebook, Houzz the better my chances to winning their projects.

Gaines Group Architects

So many of you have already written reviews for the firm and I greatly appreciate it. I was on a call with an Alexandria, Va. based family last week and they were quoting reviews on our website as the reason for calling me. Your words are helping us to survive during these uncertain financial times.

If writing an online review is not your speed or if you have not asked us to do any design work, answer a home question, provide a free energy-audit, you can also support us by liking or following our social media pages. Also, every blog post you click and read makes our SEO go higher in google’s search engine – a huge benefit when someone is searching online for an architect.





Thanks for your support!