2021 Virginia Mennonite Relief Sale

This past weekend we had the pleasure of sponsoring the 2021 Virginia Mennonite Relief Sale. This all-volunteer event attracts around 10,000 people a year and raises money for the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) which works to ease a variety of issues such as oppression and poverty. The MCC also heads natural disaster response efforts and works with local organizations to distribute supplies and encourage peace throughout affected communities. Aside from sponsoring this event hundreds of people supported this effort through purchasing food, crafts, running a 5k, and participating in the auction! Did you see those quilts? Talk about beautiful!!!

Our very own architect, Deborah Smith, volunteered her time at the breakfast booth serving up omelets, Hannah and Sophie Hendricks (Charles’ girls) also volunteered, and our marketing executive, Matty Tesch supported the event by stocking up on (the world’s greatest) donuts.

We were thrilled to not only support this amazing event this year but three years prior as well!