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Seal your Light Switches to Stop Air Leaks in your Home

Air leaks at light switches are a big cause of comfort issues in your home. There is an old saying in the construction industry that “you don’t want to build to tight.” So what window do you want to leave out of your home? The reality is leaks around light switches, electrical outlets, doors, windows, recessed lights, water pipes… and on and on are how we achieve “not too tight.” The unfortunate part is air leaks hurt the comfort in your home and impacts your monthly energy usage. It also impacts your indoor air quality.

air leaks energy audit light switch air leaks

Sealing up all the leaks is difficult to achieve in an existing home. These pictures show the drastic impact air can have around one light switch on an exterior wall. If you want to save money and improve the comfort in you home – schedule an energy audit today. Give us a call at 540-437-0012 to start the process.

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