We love our small business clients like Harmony Square Dairy Queen #lovelocal

We love our small business clients like Harmony Square Dairy Queen. Here is a link to the project portfolio. We were honored to work on this project to help transform the standard Dairy Queen design into a site specific energy-efficient solution for local owners. The general building layout is very similar to the standard. The systems, insulation, lighting, and solar pv all make this building unique.

Dairy Queen Harrisonburg

When working with a “standard” corporate design you are limited in what changes can be made. The local owners of this restaurant were determined to build the most energy-efficient and durable structure possible. They included solar PV on the roof, high performance insulation, natural daylighting into the core space, and reduced the water usage of the facility.

We love working with small local businesses to make sure their buildings reflect their business culture. We can work with your budget, schedule, and goals to develop the right solution for you and your business.

Harmony Square Dairy Queen – Project Update Part 1

Read our progress on the Harmony Square Dairy Queen here:

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It is always exciting to see dirt moving on a project job site. Our latest ground breaking is for the new Harmony Square Dairy Queen. This project is sweet!

Harmony Square Dairy Queen - 906006_10205016408469751_3920566450567247797_o

If you have been to the existing Dairy Queen you will certainly look forward to the added space this new project will provide. It will also expand the outside seating area, features solar panels, skylights, a high-efficiency heating and cooling system, and an advanced insulation package. In other words, the upcoming Dairy Queen is sustainably designed! Can you say blizzards made by the power of the sun?

Harmony Square Dairy Queen Harmony Square Dairy Queen