Happy Festivus!

In honor of the Seinfeld-inspired holiday Festivus, our team is celebrating by airing our grievances in preparation for a fresh start this new year. Festivus is a playful holiday that turns away from the consumerism of Christmas and instead celebrates letting go of negative feelings and moving on before 2022.

Charles: Air-permeable insulation – you would never use a blanket that has holes in it, engineers – they are all math and gravity and no whimsy,  gravity – it is always limiting our cool ideas, people that sing loudly to spread Christmas cheer, just kidding, love those people!

Matty: Accidentally leaving a cup of coffee in the car for an hour and coming back to it being completely frozen solid. Having to battle my dog for blankets right before going to sleep.

Deborah: Matty leaving us to move halfway across the country,  companies that redesigned their pens so the caps don’t stay securely attached to the end of the pen anymore, resulting in several new felt tip pens being thrown around during site measures…looking at you #sharpie ! Harrisonburg smelling like dog food on the most gorgeous days, house hunting right now is a roller coaster of emotions that I don’t want to be a part of anymore,  the building code books deciding to switch to the cheaper/thinner kind of paper.

Maggie: Matty deciding it was a good idea to up and move half away across the country to South Dakota and making us miss her terribly. The Harrisonburg train fills at 6/6:30 every night and blocks Gay, Rock, and Wolfe Street for a half-hour. Lettuce going bad too quickly. Getting a new work laptop and having to reset all my presets. It being spring one week and winter the next week. Pick one and stick with it! Preferably winter cause I’d like a white Christmas, please and thank you. 

Binge-Worthy TV Shows: World Television Day 2021

#worldtelevisionday exists to bring awareness and acknowledge the power television has, in 1996 when this holiday was first created it was to bring attention to the effect television had on decision-making by spreading information. While television is important to understand what is happening in society, we decided to look at the fun side of television.

In honor of #worldtelevisionday our team is sharing their most binge-worthy shows to get you through the weekend! Through the pandemic, television has become a more crucial part of our lives, no one can say they haven’t spent an entire night binging their new favorite show. The pandemic highlighted just how important media is to people, and how it can actually work to keep us sane through hard times. While we are all one cohesive team we have very different tastes in what television shows we watch in our free time. Caitlin finds comfort in watching contestants bake for a chance to win big, Maggie and Deborah love spooky mysteries, Matty adores ridiculous comedy, and of course, Charles is all about the classics.

From spooky murder mysteries to sweet baking shows we all define binge-worthy in our own way. Maybe our favorite shows will be your next weekend obsession?

Maggie: Only Murders in the Building

Deborah: Sleepy Hollow

Matty: Letterkenny

Charles: Seinfeld

National Sandwich Day 2021

In honor of #nationalsandwichday our team is celebrating by ordering takeout from Lola’s and enjoying a delicious lunch together! While national sandwich day exists to honor the inventor of the sandwich (John Montagu) we are taking this time to take a breather and enjoy quality time with one another.

And if you are curious about some of the best sandwiches in Harrisonburg, we have attached our Lola’s order for those who would like their own piece of #nationalsandwichday.

Maggie: Treuben

Deborah: Smoben

Matty: SOS