Books and Brews

We at the Gaines Group are beyond excited to sponsor another WMRA “Books and Brews” Night at Pale Fire. On Tuesday, November 9th, Joel Salatin will be discussing his latest book, Polyface Micro: Success With Livestock on a Homestead Scale.

Books and Brews is an event that is very near and dear to our hearts and something we believe needs to be incredibly crucial not only for authors and creatives but for entire communities. This event allows authors to speak about their works and encourage community connection through reading. These past few months have been strictly digital but this upcoming November 9th event will be the return of in-person books and brews.

This event is amazing because we not only have the opportunity to support authors and local businesses but we get to support our local radio station WMRA. Supporting local radio is not only beneficial for staying up to date on community events and news but keeps us connected as members of Harrisonburg, Virginia. Public radio also doesn’t discriminate, it is a major form of media that is accessible to almost everyone. At a time when prices are rising and certain forms of media are less and less accessible, local public radio remains a key factor for inclusive connectivity.