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Tired of High Electric Bills? Get the Test!

If you are ready to fight back against those high energy costs or simply want your house to be more comfortable, you should consider hiring an energy auditor. They are able to test your home to determine where the problems are and give you a list of things to address. Don’t...

Harrisonburg Energy Audit

A certified BPI or RES-Net Rater will allow you to better understand where to spend money to get the best return on investment. An energy audit is a test that can determine whether your house is air tight, and if not, where the holes are in the thermal envelope. For years we have...
energy audit

Easy ways to Save Money

Easy ways to Save Money There are many challenges that prevent you from saving money each month. There seem to be bills due everyday and if you are like me, the paychecks don’t flow as fast. A house is one of the most complicated machines you will ever own and it comes with...
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