Eastern Mennonite University: U2 Romeo & Juliet

Eastern Mennonite University (EMU) is paving the way in theatre productions with their creation of ‘U2 Romeo and Juliet under the direction of Justin Poole with musical direction by Jerry Holsopple featuring Prince Bellerose. This original performance features a classic story with a twist, utilizing the intense music from the legendary band, U2.

The show was excellent according to Charles’s summary, saying “as always the students at EMU have shown that they have exceptional acting skills and musical talents.”

We could not be more proud to have been a sponsor of this amazing performance and thrilled to sponsor many more art-focused events such as First Friday, featuring Matty Tesch and Andrew Stronge. Supporting the arts community is a primary focus for our firm as we believe beauty in all forms builds a better community for all.

While you might have missed out on viewing this season’s performance, community members know to expect another amazing theatre experience next year featuring Eastern Mennonite University’s talented ensemble. For those yearning for an immersion in the arts, stay tuned for the upcoming EMS High School Musical, Alice in Wonderland, the SVCC Choir Christmas performance, and for those seeking a little more adventure, the Any Given Child as we root for Nathan May (who has an amazing singing voice that he will not get to use in this competition).