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My Christmas wish for you – 2016

My Christmas wish for you – 2016

It has been another great year at the Harrisonburg Gaines Group Architects office. We started off a team of three – Charles, Deborah, and Hannah (and James, but he sits in Charlottesville). We worked hard on a variety of projects including our new office location – the Chesapeake Western Depot. We moved into our new office July 4th of this year. It is amazing and you need to stop in for a visit!

Unfortunately Hannah decided to move back to Tennessee. The good news is we were able to add Rebecca Shank to our team to fill the void in our interior design department. We also added Ivan Huber and Maggie Bebel  as our business continues to grow.We have worked on 55 different projects this year (a nice growth from last year) in our Harrisonburg office. I am very proud of our continued growth each year we have been here in Harrisonburg. We are building great relationships with you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to do what I love in this community that I love! The success we have is all because you support us whether it is hiring us, telling your friends about us, writing reviews online, or sharing our blog posts – you help us! Thank you so much.

My Christmas wish for you is for peace, joy, comfort, and love during this wonderful season. No matter how and if you celebrate I hope this season reminds you how important you are to us at Gaines Group Architects and this community. Thank you for all you do. I wish for you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, and a wonderful new year.

LED bulb

Guys, Time to finish up your Christmas Shopping!

Guys, Time to finish up your Christmas Shopping!

Well it is December 23rd, so probably time for you guys to finish your Christmas shopping. Ok, who are we fooling, it is time for some of you guys to start your Christmas shopping. I know it is hard to figure out what she is dreaming of, so I am here to help. Every girl I know LOVES getting energy efficiency tools that will help lower electric bills and save the planet. Here are some ideas:

LED Bulbs


Solar Panels – who does not love a good solar panel?


Spray Foam – girls LOVE spray foam


An Energy Audit (call me and I might be able to provide a basic one for free)


Heat Pump Hot Water Heater


Solar light tubes

solatube solatube

Front load washer and dryer (careful on this one, it might not have the impact you want)

Tiny House

Thermal curtains to make your rooms more comfortable.


Water efficient faucets to help reduce hot water demand.

Chesapeake Western Depot Harrisonburg

Energy gaskets for the electric outlets and light switches

electrical outlets

If these don’t work, I have no idea what went wrong….


All I want for Christmas – Reblog from 2010 – Nothing has Changed

Looking back over past blogs and thinking about the future I came across this wish list from 2010 that I posted. Hope you find time to read it, time to relax, and have the best holiday season possible!

While I cannot say I will certainly be on Santa’s “nice” list, just to be safe, here is my Christmas wish list:

  1. That we can all first remember what the season is really about and give thanks for all the blessings we already have in our lives.
  2. That those in need will find a gift at their door this Christmas of hope and joy, that their needs will be filled, their stomachs full, and their homes warm.
  3. That every kid will get a gift, even if it is not the latest game or the hottest fad, that they all experience the gifts of kindness from another person this season.
  4. That we will all be safe in our travels and that nobody will be in such a rush or distracted that they steal the joy from their families or another’s family.
  5. That we get to spend plenty of time with friends and family, that we enjoy each other’s company, that we remember to be patient and caring with each other.
  6. That those without homes will find warmth and comfort, a place to stay dry, a place to call home.
  7. That people will give to others first, find a charity that is doing good work and support them, or simply find a family that is struggling and help lift their spirits this season.
  8. That we can all find a time to relax, put work aside, and recharge our spirits.
  9. That we can all celebrate this season of peace without the threat of violence or fear.
  10. That everyone will have a great holiday season no matter their beliefs.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!