Top 10 Blog Posts from 2019

It is that time of year again, for the top 10 blog posts from 2019. Check out what got the most attention this year and thanks for reading.

Before we start the top 10 list of blogs I will highlight one of our website pages that gets a ton of attention. We love seeing out logo travel the world. If you share a photo with us wearing or showing our SWAG and give us a location – you get placed on the Oh, the Places We Go page. Check out how far we have traveled.

Oh, The places we go

Wierschem, Germany

The top 10 list starts with a pause along the way with the #10 most clicked on blog post of the year.

A pause along my journey – Architect vacation at Red Wing Roots Music Festival

red wing roots music festival

Modern with clean lines and lots of glass, the #9 blog post was clicked on numerous times.

Modern House on a Hill under construction

custom house

Love was in the air when I wrote the #8 top clicked on blog post this year.

My love affair with Downtown Harrisonburg

Oasis Art Gallery

Looking at the #7 spot is a tangled web of finance information trying to sort out to make it all make sense.

Harrisonburg’s Debt Capacity vs Goals for our Future

market street

Sitting on top of my soap box is the #6 most clicked on blog post of the year.

Women in the construction industry

dnr business journal

In the #5 spot there is a love story about an architect and a train station.

A love story, Architect, Depot


Probably the most helpful blog post I have written and it continues to get good use. The #4 top clicked on blog post for the year is a resource for building a new custom home.

Thinking of Building a Custom Home? Start Here First

This is such a cool house and is our #3 top clicked on blog post for the year.

Custom Home in the woods Finished

Harrisonburg custom home

#2 top clicked on blog post of the year is all about the kids.

Eastern Mennonite Elementary School is close to finished

Eastern Mennonite School

The top post of the year was a sad one. My heart still hurts.

Music, Father, Daughter, Love

Red Wing Roots Festival

Thank you so much for reading my blog this year. It helps me grow my business each time you click a link. This is huge for a small business with limited marketing resources. Happy New Year!

What is your favorite blog to read?

I am always looking for the best blogs to read with valuable information to make life easier, brighter, and / or more whole. What is your favorite blog to read? Why?

I read a variety of blogs that offer different information from trusted authors that I can count on to deliver high quality information. Here is a list of some of my local favorites and one that will be local in April at our upcoming MARC event.

Harrisonblog – If you want to know what is going on in the community and in local real estate, this is your resource. From coffee to art, to houses for sale, they will keep you up to date.


I love my burg – this is an excellent blog for all things Harrisonburg. The photography included is always exceptional as well. This blog highlights all the things that bring happiness in Harrisonburg.

I love my burg

Harrisonburg Housing Today – this well researched packed with date and analysis blog will keep you up to date on the home market, ins and outs of selling or buying a home, and some local events

The Citizen – this independent source for news tells important and interesting stories that might not otherwise be heard in Harrisonburg.


Rooted in Wellness – this is my favorite new blog that helps with so many aspects of feeling your best and knowing your self.

rooted in wellness

Let’s Fix Construction – this construction industry blog does more than most to educate, challenge the status quo, and to push the industry forward than any I have seen. If you are in the construction industry you need to follow this one.

let's fix construction

Finally, I hope you continue to read my blog Design Matters. Thanks for clicking on the link and commenting on your favorite blogs to read in the comments below!