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Architectural Salvage Fun

Architectural Salvage Fun

It is always fun to check out an architectural salvage store. You never know what you might find and where it may lead you. From what appears to be space guns to trains, crosses, and stained glass – there is something for everyone.

You have to use your imagination on this one, but wouldn’t it be fun to integrate part of an airplane into a new design project? It could be a great addition to a restaurant, daycare, or a man cave (of considerable size of course).

What about a barrel of toys?

Concrete mushrooms would be a fun addition to any garden.

I am trying to figure out where we can install a giant E. Could it be part of a daycare?

This Christmas tree has a train running around it – how cool is that? I know this would look great at the Depot!

This amazing chair would be a great addition to any living room.

I am not sure I will ever have a project that has a need for a cross with Jesus or a rustic wood cross, but I would love to find a place for this stained glass. Either one of those would look great in a living room.

Looking for the beauty in the leftover parts and pieces adds texture and depth to any design. These stores exist in several places around the state – I encourage you to go dream when you have a chance.

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33. Architectural Salvage Warehouse #105architecturalinspiration

33. Architectural Salvage Warehouse #105architecturalinspiration

I have been visiting Architectural Salvage warehouses for years. There are a few spots around the state and I have been to all of them. Finding beautiful artifacts that have been saved and that you can re-purpose in a new building is exciting and fun.

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From windows and doors to lights and signs, you are guaranteed to be inspired when finding beauty in details.

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#105architecturalinspirations is a collection of architectural details, buildings, and spaces that inspire me. I am taking on the challenge of finding two projects to spotlight each week in 2015. Hopefully I will be able to keep up and this process of discovery will push me to create better design solutions for my clients as I research and learn more about those projects I enjoy most. I challenge you to add your comments below about this project and to post your own inspirations for all to enjoy.  Full List of previous #105architecturalinspiration posts 1 – 20. First 20 architectural inspirations here21. Michael Graves 22. St. Augustine 23. Guggenheim Museum24. Ocho House25.Bjarke Ingels 26. WG Clark 27. John F. Kennedy Space Center 28.Akademie Mont-Cenis 29. Sustainability Treehouse 30. Porch Rail 31. Martin Lurther King Jr. Memorial 32. Warehouse Renovations