Old Town Harrisonburg kitchen makeover

The Old Town Harrisonburg kitchen makeover has been completed by Herr and Company. They shared some of the finish photographs with us showing off this make over. In case you did not read the first blog post HERE about this project, here is a brief summary. The home owners started renovating their downtown house to make it more friendly to modern living. They completed a few projects and then were ready to tackle the kitchen renovation. The rear porch had been enclosed and a rear deck was suffering from some lack of maintenance. Our goal, working as a design-build team with Herr and Company was to develop a plan that was structurally sound for this new space.

The existing kitchen was modest and a little dark.

Herr and Co Renovation

The enclosed rear porch space was cut off from the rest of the house and oddly shaped to be a gathering space.

Herr and Co Renovation

The goal for the home owners was to use all of this space for a modern and open functional kitchen. The space was restricted in width due to setbacks and existing roof lines. So the planning process was mainly to figure out how to make this narrow and long space feel open, bright, and make the work triangle small enough that it would be functional.

Herr and Co Renovation

In order to visualize the space we developed a 3-d computer model to show the layout to our clients. This was helpful for them to work through how the space could be used.

So our rendering is fairly close to what got built, but we made a few changes. We were also able to open up the existing dining room into this space to allow for a better flow through the entire house.

We included a renovation of the existing laundry room.

This project is a great example of how to save an existing historic home, make it work for how we live today, and preserve our historical context in the neighborhood that surround downtown.

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