How efficient is your home?

I ask this question a lot of people I run into at home shows / county fairs. Many put up a defensive immediately, thinking I am trying to sell them something (I am – my experience and knowledge). I almost always get the same answer “my house is very efficient.” How do you know, did you compare your electric bills with the neighbor, did you have an energy audit, do you know the average kWh usage of homes in your area. Why do we all know the MPG of cars, but almost nobody asks the kWh usage of homes. I think it should be on a sign next to the front door. The problem with efficiency in homes is there are many variables. There are calculators that will help you determine where you are on the spectrum of efficiency. I am happy to help you find those, give me a call. Many power companies are now providing you with information about homes close to yours and their energy usage. You can also ask all your friends and neighbors what their kWh usage is on their home. I have started compiling that information in a database and hope to have something of a local ‘trend’ to share with you all in the near future. If you would be so kind to help, send me your annual kWh usage (it is on your monthly power bill) and the square footage of your home (it is on your tax bill). 

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