Home School Resource Guide to Architecture

I have been working on creating a resources page for Home Schooling. Here is the start of the list:

Coloring Pages

depot tree

Chesapeake Western Railroad Depot

Church Addition

Eastern Mennonite School

Virginia Farmhouse


Online Architectural Tours

Wierschem, Germany

Oh the Places We Go – identify the locations where our swag has been found on google maps

Waterfall House

Identify a work of architecture, architect, year built, location and write a brief summary of why it is important. Here is an example, click HERE

Architectural Bingo


Vocabulary Challenge

Want to challenge your student with new vocabulary? Here is a list of Green Terms Defined.

Architectural Shapes

Have a young one learning shapes – get them to find the shapes in these architectural photos: Architectural Shapes

15 Week Architecture Construction and Engineering Course

When I was in Charlottesville I taught a 15 week course to introduce high school students to the construction industry. Here is the syllabus for the program. ACE Mentor Program Design Challenge

harrisonburg architect

Class Activity – Draw this room to scale

Gather supplies of a ruler (or any straight edge), graph paper (paper with squares on it) and a pencil, or a pen if you are desperate.

With the paper on the table, use your FEET and measure out the length and width of the room where you are located by walking from one wall across the room to the other side of the room.

Using the squares on the paper, where one square equals one footstep, mark the paper, and use the ruler to make straight lines. This is NOT easy for some people, so make sure that you are using the straight edge to make straight lines and ask for help if it keeps getting messed up.

Origami House

Build and decorate a quick house. Make a few and you can have a small village full of Origami Houses

Our friends at NEED.org always have cool resources. Here is a list of Distance Learning Resources that are hands on. NEED.org

If you know of links I should include, let me know by adding to the comments below.

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