Green Term Defined: Carbon Footprint

Green Term Defined: Carbon Footprint

A Carbon Footprint is a measure of the impact our activities have on the environment in terms of the amount of greenhouse gases we produce. It is measured in units of carbon dioxide. Here is a carbon footprint calculator from the Nature Conservancy.


Indirect sources, fuel burned to produce goods far away from the final consumer, accounts for most of the average U.S. households. A direct source on the other hand are the emissions coming from use of a car for instance. One strategy for reducing your carbon footprint is to buy locally made products that use locally harvested materials to create. The main influences on carbon footprints include population, economic output, and energy and carbon intensity of the economy.


In order to reduce your carbon footprint, you could reduce your usage of carbon emitting fuels.

Some strategies include:

  1. Walk or ride a bike instead of driving.
  2. Drive a high-efficiency car.
  3. Properly maintain your car and keep your tires inflated right.
  4. Avoid air travel.
  5. Instead of a long distance vacation, try a staycation.
  6. Use Skype or video-conferencing instead of driving to a meeting.
  7. Insulate your home and air seal right.
  8. Install a smart thermostat.
  9. Use energy-star appliances.
  10. Use LED lights.
  11. Add Solar Panels to your business and home.
  12. Conserve water.
  13. Reuse and recycle.
  14. Reduce your beef and dairy consumption.
  15. Eat locally grown vegetables and fruits.


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