Get rid of the mess in your house with these design strategies

Clutter around the house is a common issue in many homes today. Of course the best way to reduce clutter is to have less stuff. However, even once you have less stuff, there needs to be a storage system to keep all that is left in order. From shelving to closets there are many solutions to make your home easy to keep orderly and neat. You can get rid of the mess in your house with these design strategies:

1. Shelving – there are many types of shelving and many places to install it. From slat walls in your garage, pantry in your kitchen, to built-ins in your closets – having the right systems in place allows you to have a place for your things and for things to stay neat.




2. Functional Kitchen Cabinets – Designing your new kitchen to include the right storage solutions is critical. Whether you are a gourmet or an occasional morning pancake maker, easy to access spices, pans, and dishes make life easier. This might include pull down wall shelving, lots of drawers, or extra tall cabinets. No matter your need in the kitchen, I guarantee with a little design time, you can find the right solutions for all your storage desires making life easy in the kitchen.

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3. Attic Storage Space – If you are building a new home, think about designing in easily accessible, dry, conditioned storage space. This gives you a place to put the Christmas decorations, kids art work that is not on display, clothes waiting for to be hand-me-downs, and all the other accumulations that we keep. Whether it is a basement, above a garage, or in an attic – a full stair that is wide enough to carry things, lots of natural light, and the proper ventilation will keep these spaces usable for many years to come.

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4. Cubbies – This term has become as common and “lots of light” in designing new homes. Creating a spot for everything from shoes and coats to backpacks and sports equipment right by the entry door keeps the mess contained.



5. Built-Ins – Movable shelving is nice, but built-ins give permanence to your storage solutions. Taking advantage of book shelves to define a space or to create a place to hide more storage behind is a simple technique to improve your homes functionality.


What solutions to storage do you use in your home to keep things in order and life simple?

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