#EcoFriendly product round up!

Choosing to live a more sustainable lifestyle can start by swapping out some of our everyday items for more eco-friendly options. We surveyed our team as to which are some of their go-to products they use in their own homes that help reduce their footprint. Check out this list and see if any of these items can be swapped out in your household!

  1. Stasher reusable silicone bags. A few of us use these great reusable bags for our snacks and small travel items instead of regular disposable bags.
  2. E cloth cleaners. Use these washable micro-fiber cloths for numerous cleaning surfaces around the house and ditch the disposable ones.
  3. Wool dryer balls. These eco-friendly dryer balls are a go-to product Maggie uses and are a great alternative to traditional dryer sheets.
  4. Nuuly clothing rental. This has been a fun new venture for Annie who appreciates the concept of reducing waste by renting different styles of clothes each month.
  5. Reusable Grocery bags and crates: A few of us try to make it a habit of keeping reusable bags in our vehicles so we always have them available. Cut down on using plastic bags and grab a few the next time you are checking out! Collapsible crates are also a helpful option to load heavier items without using extra plastic bags.
  6. Quality Reusable Water Bottles: when we aren’t guzzling down coffee, many of us have invested in insulated water bottles that cut down on single-use plastic water bottles.
  7. The best way to cut energy fast is to switch out your old light bulbs to LED. Charles says to use Cree bulbs.
  8. Refillable soap dispensers are a great way to cut down on singe-use plastics. As an additional design tip, look for decorative soap dispensers that coordinate with your bathroom or kitchen aesthetic. Companies such as the Grove Collaborative will deliver refills of your favorite soap and cleaning products to help you cut down on extra packaging.
  9. If a larger swap is possible, considering upgrading your HVAC to a ducted mini-split. Charles recommends this as an everyday item because it consistently keeps his house comfortable! This was an initial investment he made when moving into his older home a couple of years ago.

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